By joining Grim Reaper Fitness Northeast you are supporting a USAT-sanctioned multi-sports club team in its mission to provide a supportive athletic community.

Member Fees
Current Calendar Year (see below): $50
Join or Renew Before Sep 30: Join/Renew Date to December of Current Year
Join or Renew After Sep 30: Join/Renew Date to December of Following Year

Member benefits include:

Expectations of members generally include:

  • Commiting to good sportsmanship, representing the club during racing and training by treating others with dignity and respect
  • Wearing club gear before, during, or after some races/events
  • Volunteering when able with Eastside Family YMCA, who offer hosting to GRFNE members for swim videos and seminars
  • Tagging the club regularly in one social media

Member fees go toward meeting some of our expenses including:

  • Liability Insurance
  • USAT Club Fees
  • Website Expenses

Club Waiver
The waiver for activities can be found here.